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Hi, I'm J! I'm a writer in Chicago. I volunteer with cats and bunnies. People think I am gloomy and skittish, but my life is pretty ok. I liveblog sometimes and post art and animals via queue. Also, I am cute.
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 Cat paw shaped gummy 


hey high cbd (+ low thc) weed is kind of life changing


when u make a mistake



today sucked but at least it’s not 2009

i hate tumblr but i really really really hate thieves

these peeps are on video so call the police and get them arrested for fraud and extortion

turn in your vids trust me the schaumburg cops have nothing better to do

i waited too long to rewrite this fucking novel and now instead of being set a couple years in the future it’s an AU


Our Lady of China, pray for us!


Our Lady of China, pray for us!

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